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Saying hello to fifth grade me.

I was always playing alone.

My dad was depressed.

The school was boring. 

My teacher didn't know anything.

IMG_3013 2.jpeg

I did a lot of fantasizing.

I once took my neighbour's cat into my house but she run away.

I went to bed wearing an orthodontic gear. 


In September 2020,  I visited a place where I spent my childhood, disguised as a school kid, carrying a school bag packed with memories. I guided a cameraman through the path from my school and to my house. To say hello and goodbye to 11 years old me, a girl I have rejected to acknowledge. To say hello and goodbye to a place I never wanted to come back. 

September 12th 2020

Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan

Camera: Chuan

Edit: Haruka Tsujiuchi

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